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Baby Sherlock is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Huntsville, Texas!

Birthday: July 16th, 2013
AKC name: Sherlock Von Stumpsville
Nicknames: Bugs, Buggy, Sherlockian, Toots, Pupsaroo, Puppers-Man, Stumps
Favorite treats: Carrots, pig ears, and cheese
Least favorite words: No, Down, Stop
Most favorite words: Outside, Kibbles, Treat, Pigglesworth
Favorite activities: Patrolling the patio for things to bark at, Rolling over for belly rubs, Snoopervising his Corgparents while they cook for food that might fall, Standing on the arm rest of the couch for a bird's eye view of his domain, Stealing Corgdad's socks

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